kids learning now

Lewis Hamilton once claimed it was too short, Piers Morgan has said he will donate £1,000 to Great Ormond Street childrens hospital for every victorious British athlete who sings God Save the Queen during their medal ceremony, should they sing it? Why dont they sing it? Many of us seem to have lots to say about the national anthem lately with most of the negative talk directed at our Olympians.

The question I have is, how many of us including any of you athletes reading now knew the national anthem as a child? My guess is most of us probably havent ever known it word for word therefore if you didnt know it as a child why would you know it know?

Its common knowledge that the USA are right there when it comes to topping the medals table in the current games, they also put on a great display singing along to their anthem when receiving medals during medal ceremonies. The fact is, apart from their athletes showing just how patriotic they are most if not all have learnt the anthem during their schooling days. This is where we are going wrong, if we want athletes to sing with pride they need to know the words as children.

The good news is if we get the kids learning now theyll be singing with pride by the 2024 games and then Great Ormond Street childrens hospital will really get a wonderful donation that is of course if Mr Piers Morgan keeps his offer on the table!!

Check out this YouTube clip of 4 year old Jordan giving his all for the British national anthem God Save the Queen. Anyone with other great examples of children singing their national anthem please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE and share it with us.