Why is Health Care Short?

Deciding on a career today can be incredibly difficult. There are so many choices, and all seem to have positive and negative sides. The most important thing is to find something you can see yourself really liking for the next thirty years, but the other important factor is whether the career will be around in thirty years. One of the things many Canadians are looking at are the current labour shortages and the expected shortages over the next ten years. There are many available statistics that can help you know what to expect out of career opportunities in certain fields over the next ten years, and it is something to consider if you are just starting out on your path to a greater future.

Why is Health Care Short?

The aging population and the fact that people are living much longer plays into the shortage of health care workers. This means the labour shortage is current, and no one sees an end in the near future. Couple that with the limited number of people who attempt to go into the field, and you have an even greater shortage. What many people don’t realize is there are many different avenues in the health care world, so you can take advantage of this shortage even if you don’t want to be a nurse or a doctor. You can get in on the ground floor and make a very substantial living over your lifetime.

In Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices

Here is where you see the shortage of licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses, techs and doctors. These are the more “hands on” health care professions that most people think of when it comes to health care. Much of the training can be scientific, but the tech positions are open to people of all sorts. It is a great way to get involved even if you are not top of your class when it comes to math and science. Radiology technicians are in high demand as are LVNs. Learn how to become an LPN/LVN. These positions are used to keep health care costs down for the hospitals and doctors offices to help reduce the wait for Canadians to get treatment.

Dental Considerations

Dentists and dental hygienists are in-demand health care workers too. This is important to note because if you are not into working in a hospital or doctor’s office, or you don’t like sick people, this is a way you can still get involved and take advantage of the labour shortage. To find out more about the career of a dental hygienist, check out Dental Hygienist Salary HQ. Proper dental hygiene is not only important, but it makes a difference when it comes to your overall health status. It is a field to consider.

Physical and Massage Therapy

If you don’t like the “blood and guts” of medicine and that is what steers you away from health care, think again. There are many areas where you can help get people back on their feet and healthy without ever having to see the internal workings of the body. There has been so much importance put on preventative care lately, you have to know that massage and physical therapy are ever-growing fields that are expected to see even greater shortages in the years to come. You have an opportunity to really capitalize on this option. Great career information websites for the two occupations can be found at www.MasseuseSalary.net and this link.

Health Information Technology

Finally, if you aren’t a people person, there is a whole side of computers that matter to health care as well. There is a shortage of people to care for medical records, develop better programs for informing doctors and patients and those who help to transfer the information from facility to facility. This growing profession is only at the beginning of its boom as everything moves from paper records to computerized alternatives. It is a great way to get into healthcare, and you can avoid patient contact altogether.

Whether you are a person who wants to care for others or one who just wants to further health care, there are many options in Canada. As the system continues to grow, people continue to need health care and more preventative methods are introduced, there is likely to continue to be a labour need in all areas. You will find this is a safe direction to take your career and ensure your financial future.